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Today, on May 10, 2023, Archdeacon Joseph SEHORANA, Pastor of the Shyogwe Parish and Archdeacon of Shyogwe Archdeaconry, accompanied by the Director of Education in Shyogwe Diocese, Mr. SEBAHIRE Marcel, visited St-Etienne.

The school is located at Shyogwe Parish (Muhanga District), and has 2132 children and 58 employees.

During the visit, the Archdeacon discussed with teachers and the administrative body, how the school could contribute to the achievement of the mission of the diocese and Shyogwe parish. He told them that Shyogwe Diocese is erected on three pillars, namely evangelization, education and health. However, Evangelization is at the center of these pillars. Indeed, everything that the diocese does directly or indirectly contributes to evangelization. For this, the Archdeacon, urged GS St-Etienne teachers to understand their role in the general mission of the Diocese, which is also the same as the mission of Shyogwe Parish.

Also, the Archdeacon showed to the teachers of the GS St-Etienne that their unity is fundamental in the achievement of the school’s objectives. From the biblical text which is found in the first Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians, chapter one, verse ten, the archdeacon urged these teachers to speak the same language. He called everyone to do a self -assessment to see what he has done with children who have been in front of him for at least a year. For this, he asked them to provide quality education; to train people who will be good citizens and true Christians.Img 103The visit of Archdeacon Joseph to St-Etienne School was very pleasing!

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