SEHORANA Joseph, born on 01 February 1978 at Mushubati-Gitarama (Actually Muhanga District, Southern Province), he is a young theologian (Bachelor’s) and jurist (Bachelor’s & Master’s). He did his primary education at Kaduha and Nyarusange Schools, Mushubati Commune, Gitarama Prefecture. He succeeded brilliantly in 1992 the national examination at the end of primary school. He was affected to “Groupe Scolaire Bicumbi” with fifty students from Gitarama region. Curiously, at the end of the first year, 30 students were expelled and Joseph left with 20 others who escaped the machete as we said at the time.

Having completed his secondary education in 1999 at Groupe Scolaire Bicumbi (Kigali Rural), he began his professional career at Gahengeli Primary School (Mukingi, Gitarama Prefecture).

After two years, he decided to leave the teaching career and go to study theology at the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences in Butare, southern Rwanda.

He finished his theological training in 2006 and was affected by his Church to the Ecumenical Centre for Training and Documentation, an initiative of Protestant Churches in Rwanda. At the same time, he coordinated the activities of the Youth Department in Shyogwe Diocese (Anglican Church in Rwanda) and assisted the catechist of Musumba chapel, Gitarama parish.

From 2008 he worked at the Training Center while continuing his studies at the Faculty of Law (Université Libre de Kigali). To Joseph, this is not to leave the theological career but somehow to complete it-the diocese felt the need of a jurist in its service.

From September 2014 to July 2019, Joseph worked in the office of the Bishop of Anglican Church, Shyogwe Diocese as manager of human and material resources, legal advisor and dean of pastors.
Currently Joseph is the Archdeacon of Hanika (10 parishes) and priest of Butansinda Parish. He is also professor of law and history at the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences (PIASS).

Joseph is married to Dushimimana Clementine with whom they had two boys, Uhiriwe Abiah and Hirwa Benaiah.




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