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This article evaluates the validity of government regulations on churches and religious institutions in Rwanda. It takes as case the new regulation n°72/2018 of August 31, 2018 and the closures of churches by the Government of Rwanda since February 2018.

73475006 2843586255674134 4256584942802173952 oThis study responds to the following relevant questions: should African governments regulate religious institutions, and if so, to what extent? It also focuses on particular concerns such as whether having a spiritual Christian calling is sufficient qualification to open a church or whether one needs a theological degree. Is the right to freedom of religion absolute? To answer these questions, the article focuses on six main sub-titles, namely: Historical background of churches in Rwanda (1) Church closures in February 2018 and what happened; Government regulations on religious institutions through regulation n°72/2018 of August 31, 2018; Actual situation after church close and validity of government regulations on churches, Conclusion.

The article is part of the book published under the title: "Addressing Contextual Misleading Theologies in Africa Today" by Regnum Books International and edited by Prof Dr. Bosela E. Eale and Dr. Njoroge J. Nginge. This volume offers constructive and contextual theological discussions that uphold Christian teaching and beliefs to promote a life with dignity in the African continent, based on practical theological beliefs. The authors discuss different thematic topics among which issues of health and healing that are pertinent in Africa and have perpetuated misleading theologies. The book also addresses issues of wealth and poverty in the context of faith which is critical in the context of misleading theologies. It articulates how prosperity gospel has propelled a paradigm shift in understanding material prosperity as a reflection of one’s faith, a blessing and poverty as lack of faith as well as a curse. The issue of personalization of power and authority in the contemporary emerging theologies that lead to misleading practices has been contrasted with power and authority from God that take into account the respect and dignity of human beings.

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