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Cannabis is the world’s most popular drug and is the highest value therapeutic crop known at the moment, despite being illegal in many parts of the world. Cannabis is also a multi-billion dollar industry and it is believed to be the world’s most valuable cash crop from the absolute value perspective.

The Council of Ministers held on October 12 approved the planting and export of cannabis for therapeutic purposes in Rwanda. Rwanda is aiming to grow its export earnings from the global cannabis market. The government also sees the cannabis industry as a strategic sector that will generate jobs and create business for communities through cultivation, production and processing zones.

The decision has caused confusion with some warning it could be detrimental to the youth if tough controls are not enforced. Rwanda's Minister of Health, Dr. Daniel NGAMIJE has said that although the government has decided to make a profit from the production and export of cannabis, its use in the country is prohibited. On Rwanda Television, Dr. NGAMIJE said: "this will not give an excuse for drug abusers and dealers. The law against narcotics is available and it will continue to be enforced."

ExommunationHowever, the topic sparked a very hot discussion on social media. In particular, there are those who wonder how cannabis growers and exporters are going to be received within their church communities. Can we accept the dime from the cannabis trade? Can Christians Invest there?
The opinions are mixed. There are those who think that planting or exporting cannabis is a sin. They fear at first that the control of this trade will not be easy and that the cannabis will be consumed locally in secret.

On the other hand, there are those who see cannabis as any other crop such as sorghum, corn, sugarcane, and others that can be used to produce drugs. They believe that cannabis in itself is not a sin, but that what is sin is its misuse. From bananas you can produce whatever you want: banana juice or banana wine; all the same, from cannabis you can make drugs (which is good) or narcotics (which is bad). If Christians need and consume medicines made from cannabis, it would be inconceivable to say that its cultivators and exporters are committing a sin. Those who support the idea further add that cannabis was created by God and was probably one of the crops that were found in Eden.

In my opinion, I think cannabis as a crop is not bad in itself. What can cause problems is its misuse. The discussion remains open, however.

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