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Dear Friends;

Fellow Partners;

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

This report provides in part a portrait of the activities accomplished by Hanika  Archdeaconry in the Yera 2020.

 I would like to point out that the year 2020 has not been favorable for the churches as it has not been for other sectors of activity. In Rwanda, since March 15, almost all activities that were planned have been suspended and all churches have been closed. The closure of churches has had a negative impact on the lives of Christians and on pastors and their families. Like the other strata of social life, the pastoral ministry has also been seriously affected. Social distancing helped slow the spread of Covid-19, but also it increased our loneliness and anxiety during this time. Indeed, in Rwandan context, congregants have a great affinity with coming praying and worshiping God together. If then things changed to the point the pastor could not even lay his hands on the believers, this had a great impact.

Despite all these challenges,  pastors in Hanika Archdeaconry continued to play their primordial role of keeping and feeding the flock of God. Every parish of Hanika Archdeaconry responded at some level to the Covid-19 by maintaining worship life and connections. Pastors tried keeping being in touch with parishioners via phone, local radio, TV through messages, etc.  As Archdeacon, my role has always been to coordinate: support all parishes to develop an action plan for their preparedness and response. One of the common answers provided by all the parishes of my archdeaconry is the prayer organized by each family on Sunday. This has been very beneficial for the Church. It was one of the ways of resolving conflicts and thus of maintaining family unity. It allowed members of the whole family to be more aware of their role in the life of the Church.

Clic the link below to open the report in PDF.

Annual report hanika 2020Annual report hanika 2020 (4.28 Mo)

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