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The Project RW0802 was initiated by Gahombo Parish of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, Shyogwe Diocese, under the support from Compassion International. The project aims to release children from poverty in Jesus' name. It is located in Kigoma Sector, Nyanza District, Southern Province.

The project started with 100 children on September 1st, 2020. Currently the project supports 250 children. The project cares for vulnerable children in four main areas: Development, Physical wellbeing, Socio-emotional, and Spiritual. It is interesting to see the actual accomplishments of the project. More specifically, we want to focus on the activities carried out in the domain of community development.

The children supported by the project benefit from additional lessons and receive a sane diet. We pay their school fees and they receive school materials. Also, their parents (care givers) are grouped into nine savings and credit associations. Everyone saves 2000 FRW every month. In these associations, parents are also taught how to care for their children and how to boost their own sustainable and holistic development. They learn to live harmoniously in their respective families. (This program is called “Amahoro iwacu” (Peace at home). They also learn to develop the culture of hygiene.

Savings and credit associations are not unique to Gahombo Parish. Indeed, Shyogwe Diocese, supported by Hope International-Rwanda, has formed several associations of this kind throughout its parishes. The Diocese has even hired an employee who takes care of the supervision of these associations. The latter makes regular visits to the associations to ensure their good management and transparency.

The visit of this kind was for instance made today, April 14, 2022, to the associations supported by the project RW0802 of EAR Gahombo. During his today’s visit, Mr Leonard NSABIMANA (Head of Development Department) met the Director of the Project, employees, members of the committee, and members of the parents' associations. He was delighted with the current state of the parents' associations supported by our project and their contribution to the socio-economic development of the beneficiaries.

Find below some photos taken today during the visit of the Head of the Development Department of the Shyogwe Diocese to the Associations supervised by our project.

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The Director of Gahombo Project


  • Aimable Ndatimana
    • 1. Aimable Ndatimana On 15/04/2022
    Mwakoze cyane Nyakubahwa Arch.Gushyira ibikorwa byacu ahabona ni iby'agaciro gakomeye.Imana ibahe umugisha.

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