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The University of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, Diocese of Shyogwe, Hanika Anglican Integrated Polytechnic, located in Hanika (Nyanza District , Southern Province), has started enrolling students wishing to start classes in March 2022.

The University offers advanced Diploma courses in the fields of Civil Engineering (Construction Technology), Mechanical Engineering (Automobile Technology) and Computer Engineering (Information Communication Technology). Those who want to register can go to the School headquarters in Nyanza.

Han 2There is good news! The Bishop of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, Shyogwe Diocese, in collaboration with Diocesan partners, is going to re-award scholarships to students who will start their studies in March 2022 in the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. They will receive a 40% scholarship. On the other hand, students in Information and Communication Technology will be given a 50% scholarship. Applicants for the scholarship are required to submit to the school secretary the documents including the scholarship application letter addressed to the Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese and a photocopy of their ID or passport. He/She must also carry a photocopy of his A2 diploma or certificate of completion of high school (Result slip) in the science and technology departments. The other requirement is that the person may have started school in March 2022, be under the age of 45 and carry a certificate of good testimony from someone who knows him/her well.

The University promotes Christian values ​​through providing enough time for prayer. Students also have the opportunity to visit tourism activities in Nyanza District, enabling them to develop values ​​based on Rwandan Culture. Also, A student at has the opportunity to study traffic laws and drive.

For more information call 0788534664, 0782172950, ​​0783186826 and 0783092441.

Arch. SEHORANA Joseph

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