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On September 18, 2022, a group of 42 people consisting of pastors, head of services and their spouses from Hanika/EAR Shyogwe Diocese visited EAR, Karongi Missionary Diocese.

Led by the Archdeacon of Hanika, the group was received by the Bishop of EAR Karongi and many Christians in a service held at the Diocesan Headquarters in Karongi Town.Img 0016

The Rt. Rev. RUKUNDO Jean Pierre Methode, Bishop of Karongi Missionary Diocese

The purpose of the trip was to evangelize, to strengthen the relationship between EAR Karongi and EAR Shyogwe in general, especially between EAR Karongi and Hanika Archdeaconry. In his speech, the Archdeacon of Hanika thanked God for enabling them to make the trip, the Bishop of EAR Shyogwe for allowing it to happen, and the Bishop of Karongi for welcoming them. The Archdeacon praised God for the progress that Karongi Diocese has made after a few years. He said that another main reason for their trip is to inform the Bishop and all the Christians of Karongi Diocese that their work is not theirs alone, that the Christians and Pastors of Hanika Archdeaconry are ready to contribute whenever they are asked. The Archdeacon presented to the Bishop of EAR Karongi en envelope of the group’s contribution to the new building which will be the Bishop's accommodation.

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Presentation of the Team's Contribution to the Construction of the new Bishop's Accomodation

In his speech, the Bishop of EAR Karongi thanked the guests for their efforts to come and support them in the God’s Mission. He said that so far the work is going well and that he and the team of co-leaders are proud of what has been achieved. He said that he was proud of the way he lived with the leaders and Christians of EAR Shyogwe when they were working together, which is why even now when he arrives at Shyogwe, he has no shame. The Bishop thanked the team for their support to the construction of the Bishop’s accommodation.

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Bishop Methode & his Wife (Jeane) Poses with Archdeacon Joseph & his Wife (Clementine)

After the service, there was fellowship and the guests were taken on a tour of Karongi town and visited the Bishop's family. We thank God and our Bishops, and everyone who made this visit possible. Img 0103Here are some more photos:

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