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Nyarutovu Chapel is one of the chapels of Butansinda Parish, EAR Shyogwe. It is located in Kigoma Sector, Nyanza District, Southern Province. After two years of closure, the chapel reopened its doors today November 13, 2022 after having fulfilled all the Government's conditions relating to the prevention of the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

The re-opening Service was enhanced by the presence of the Pastor of Butansinda Parish, Archdeacony Joseph SEHORANA and the Ibendera Choir (from Butansinda Chapel). Many Christians from Nyarutovu also came to thank God who made the reopening of their chapel possible. Nyarutovu Chapel currently has more than 140 Christians.

We thank the Christians of Nyarutovu who have given themselves body and soul to have their chapel open again. Above all, we thank God who has always been with us in all that we have been able to do.

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