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Today March 24, 2023, Hanika Anglican Integrated Polytechnic celebrated its 2nd graduation ceremony.

Seventy-four students in graduated from three departments. Forty-six (46) of them were from the Department of Civil Engineering, Option of Construction and Building Technology; eighteen (18) were from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Option of Automobile Technology; and ten (10) were from the Department of Computer Engineering, Option of Information Technology. Img 0034

The ceremony took place at Hanika Integrated Polytechnic Campus, Nyanza District-Southern Province, and was attended by graduands and their parents; the staff of HAIP; Clergy from the Anglican Church of Rwanda; and Government officials. The ceremony was marked by the presence of the Representative of High Education Council (HEC) who was the Guest of Honor; the Bishops of EAR Shyogwe Diocese, the Bishop of Karongi Karongi; members of Hanika AIP Board of Directors; and other high personalities.Img 41

Hanika Anglican Integrated Polytechnic (HAIP), started in 1986 as a Technical Secondary School known as “Institut Technique de Hanika” offering (A2) in Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Electricity and Construction. Since 2012 the “Institut Technique de Hanika” was merged with “College Saint Emmanuel de Hanika” to form Hanika Technical Secondary School with 2 additional trades: Accountancy and Computer Science. In the 2015, the Rt Rev. Dr. Jered Kalimba Bishop of EAR Shyogwe Diocese with his commitment to educate and train people at all levels appointed a taskforce with a clear mission to upgrade it to a polytechnic. 

The taskforce was composed of the following people:   Bishop RUKUNDO Jean Pierre Method, Rev. KABAYIZA Louis Pasteur, Ven. SEHORANA Joseph, Canon MASENGESHO Ephrem,  Rev. KARASIRA Prosper, Mrs. KAGWERA Eugenie, NTANTETERI Vedaste,  RUTAGENGWA Vincent, NDATIMANA Jean de Dieu, UMUBYEYI Josiane, NYIRANGENDO Jeane, BAKUNZIBAKE Jean Pierre, NDEZE Gilbert,  and MUNYANZIZA Cyprien. On 6th March, 2017 Hanika AIP officially became a polytechnic offering Advanced Diploma (A1) in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Information and Communication Technology.  Currently it has 869 students in TVET and 334 students in Polytechnic.

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