EAR Shyogwe Diocese was established on 09/08/1992, starting with 13 Parishes. Now it has thirty-eight (38) Parishes and five (5) Dioceses, with 27,000 Christians distributed in three Districts: Kamonyi, Muhanga, Ruhango, and Nyanza, in the Southern Province of Rwanda. Its first bishop was Samuel MUSABYIMANA who led it from 1992 to 1994.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Jered KALIMBA began to lead the Diocese of Shyogwe from 15/06/1997. On August 14, 2022, the Diocese celebrated its 30th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of the Rt. Rev. Dr. KALIMBA Jered ordination as Bishop. This article is focussed on the important achievements of those years.Bishop jered 2

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Jered KALIMBA, Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese

The activities of Shyogwe Diocese in the last 30 years are distributed in four (4) main pillars: Education; Evangelism, Healing, Development, and Unity and Reconciliation. In terms of EDUCATION, Shyogwe Diocese is proud to have 33 schools, including “Hanika Anglican Integrated Polytechnic” (a High Learning Institution); secondary, primary and vocational schools. Apart from educating the laity, the Diocese has trained many pastors (more than 50 graduates in Theology, including 3 with PhD).

Hanika aipMytec

In EVANGELISM, the number of Christians increased significantly (from 13 to 38 Parishes). Many modern temples were built. Revival Studios was established, helping to promote the Gospel through technology, as well as helping choirs and individual singers to release songs. The Diocese established the Bible and Development School that trains Evangelists and catechists. Siyoni

Gitarama Parish Church Building

Church building nyarugengeNyarugenge Parish Church Building

NyamaganaNyamagana Parish Church Building

Gikomero churchGikomero Parish Church Building

Img 20201221 wa0012Shaki Parish Church Building

In HEALTH, the Diocese of Shyogwe has 3 health centres (Shyogwe, Gikomero, and Hanika). It has six (6) Health Posts: Mbayaya, Gasharu, Shaki, Nyarurama, Kibinja, and Gahogo.Gasharu

Gasharu Health Post

Gikomero hcGikomero Health Post

MbayayaMbayaya Health Post

In terms of DEVELOPMENT, the Diocese of Shyogwe has launched the following profitable projects: Unite de Transformation semi-Industrial (UTSI); Muhanga Youth Technology Centre (MYTEC); Muhanga Improved Local Technologies (MILTEC); Mbayaya Farm and Training Centre; Halleluiah Training Centre; and Low Price Company Ltd. In terms of social welfare development, the Diocese launched 10 projects supported by Compassion International: Hanika; Nyamagana; Gitarama; Runda; Gikomero; Gahombo; Nyarugenge; Shyogwe ; Shaki; and Nyabinoni. In this context, the Diocese of Shyogwe, with the support of Hope International, has gathered believers into Savings & Credit Cooperatives that work all over the Parishes. The Diocese of Shyogwe takes care of family health through Mothers Union, Fathers Union; Youth Union; Elders Union; and Kids Union. The Diocese helps the needy in various activities including shelters; animal husbandry; paying school fees for children; to pay for medical insurance; etc.Htc

Halleluiah Training Centre

Img 20180216 085432Img 20180216 085353Some Product of UTSI

You can't talk about development without taking care of the environment. In this context, the Diocese of Shyogwe has launched: A project to reduce fuel consumption using "Canarumwe" (Improved Cooking Stove); a project to help the community get clean drinking water using locally made water filters; Waste Management Project; Anti-Erosion and deforestation Project; and a solar power distribution project. We would like to inform you that in order to speed up rural development and preserve the environment, the Diocese of Shyogwe, together with the Diocese of Butare, Cyangugu and Kigeme, have launched a Rural Development Inter-diocesan Service (RDIS).

In relation to UNITY AND RECONCILIATION; after the Genocide against Tutsi in April 1994, the Diocese of Shyogwe took part in activities aimed at uniting Rwandans, helping survivors to improve their lives, evangelism in prisons, memorial activities; etc.


A Genocide Survivor Receiving a Cow Gven by Shyogwe Diocese

Pastors 1

We can’t list all the activities that the Diocese of Shyogwe has done in the last 30 years-We have mentioned a few of them. The Diocesan leadership and all Christians thank God for helping them achieve this. These activities could not have been achieved without the good leadership of His Excellency Paul Kagame. May God continue to guide him with his team!

We once again wish a Happy Jubilee to His Excellency Bishop Dr Jered KALIMBA, Pastors, and all Christians of Shyogwe Diocese. Glory is to God!

Arch. SEHORANA Joseph
Archdeacon of Hanika, and
Diocesan Chancellor


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