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Hello! I'm Archdeacon SEHORANA Joseph and welcome to my Joseph photo 2022 compressedpersonal web site which has been in existence since 2012 in one form or another.

Pastor of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, I felt the need to reach a large audience to share my sermons and personal experience. This website is a biography, a personal archive and a platform for sharing ideas. It gives an overview of my past professional activities as a Pastor, leader, teacher, trainer, legal advisor, and so on, and shares more about my work in process.

I share personal experiences about all kinds of subjects associated with life in general-and this is why the title of my website is “Integral Mission”! I am very concerned by the integral life of God’s men and women. Yes, I am a Pastor! So you will find that most of my content will be related to the church, but community development, human rights and fight against poverty are also some of my other interests that I will write about to a certain extent. My writing style mixes personal, formal and informal views these domains. I will upload pictures as often as possible! You’ll see where I work, where I get my inspiration from and what projects I’m currently working on. 

Don't forget, this is my personal site and everything said and shared here is from a personal perspective and represent personal views only and not that of any church I may be or have been associated or have connections with. Also, I think the best way of sharing about my work in God’s Mission with you is making you part of it. I will be very happy for your prayers, ideas and other support of any kind likely to help me to promote holistic life of all those who need it. Oh, and if you have any idea of what you would like to see on my site, feel free share your thoughts with me. I am already curious to hear about you. Thanks and I hope you enjoy and find it useful.

Arch. SEHORANA Joseph

Turi abasabirizi ku Mana.